All of our candles feature natural wooden wicks


The crackling ambiance that the wick produces allows you to achieve that fireplace coziness that never fails to make a home feel more homey. A wooden wick also typically burns for longer and produces a stunning tear-drop-shaped flame, letting you really bask in the relaxing ambiance it creates.

What Our Customers Say

I LOVE NEW YORK — Buck Lake Creations (Boonville, NY). Unparalleled products! Fell in love with the Adirondack Mountains’ scent. #AdirondackFoothills #NY

Kevin Smith

I just tried the Coffee House wax melt. It's amazing! Now, I have to make a cup of coffee 😁

Laurie Beth

I'm burning Adirondack Mountains candle my whole house smells like a forest one of my favorites I love it amazing and I love the wick it crackles like a fire!

Valerie Emerson

Lit our first candle this morning, smells amazing thanks for the outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Dan Stanford